The Story of Tapas Raha

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April 3, 2013 - Calcutta,

Dear Friends, I am Mr Tapas Raha ,age now 62+ ,living in Calcutta ,India ,want to share about my GBM Grade IV Cancar Left Parietal . I was diagnosed with GBM(Glioblastoma Brain Multiforme Tumor Grade IV ,highly Malignant Cancar Survivors) in 2008 4/ 5th midnight February , after I had Excruciating Pain in the Whole Head at 11.40 pm on 4 th February , while I was chatting with my family at home . I was 57 years old .Now 62 + still surviving with my GBM IV ,i.E.5 years 1 + months had ONE Surgury so far ,done by Renowned SURGEON DR SIDDHARTA GHOSE APOLLO GLENEAGLES HOSPITAL Chennai . After my admission in Apollo Hospital on 2008 ,Salt Lake on 5 th February ,the team of Dr's found out had I had Large Tumor in the Head ( Left Pareital )from CT Scan & MRI . My family decided to fly me to Madras .After reaching Madras & getting admitted under Dr S Ghose ,he study my case & made my undergo several tests etc ,but having no PET-CT in Madras ,I was flown to Hyderabad Apollo Hospital where they had latest PET CT Scan .Same day ,after collecting my reports ,I was flown back to Madras with to & from by paramedic Escort . Dr Ghose done CT guided stereotactic Biopsy done on 9/2/2008 Navigation guided left Parietal ceaniotomy & gross total excision of tumor done on 14/2/2008 . Finding 4 cm in Parietal cortex tumor grayish white in Color & moderately vascular . Dr Ghose studied my reports ,then decided to perform my BRAIN SURGURY , with team of Dr's on14 th February 2008 . Thereafter ,Dr prescribed my with various types medicine/injection e.g. 45 Tabs per day which I continued for nearly 3 years + ,slowly reduced to 2 Anti convulsion drug ,besides witch includes this schedule Medicine Pan 40, Eptoin 100 Mg X Thrice Daily , Eltroxin 100 Mg , Levipil 1g X Twice Daily, Lamitor DT 100 mg , Eslizen 400 X 3 Tab Per Day , Amaryl 2 Mg . I underwent Radition in Madras Apollo under Dr K S Sekhar Sr .Consultant Radiation Oncology on 12 April 2008 . I hade to take ONE Temodar Capsule per day before Radition for 20 days .