Story of my "Dirty 30"

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September 24, 2008 - Jacksonville, Texas

Hello Everyone, For those who did not know, I had a brain tumor removed Sept. 24, 2008. It was an Acoustic Neuroma. Now, I am going to back the story up. ***If this does not make complete sense or unclear I apologize. Ask for clarification*** It all started about 5-10 years ago, I first started experiencing headaches, that was going on forever, but they blamed it all on the smoking, my Hashimoto's Disease, overweight and whatever they could come up with. So taking the daily dosing of Advil, Tylenol, whatever to get rid of the headaches. So a few years later went by I noticed a ringing in my left ear. It was annoying. So I kept going to different doctors and got the same response of you had no fluid on your ears. Then as days went along, and I am putting up with the crap of the ringing of the ears. I actually blamed myself for going to concerts and hanging around friends with their loud motors!! Then came my next problem which I never go an answer about, and that was vertigo. It was bad. Driving was getting back. Then other symptoms started to happen like I was getting weaker. Balance was bad, stumbling for no reason, speech was getting slurry. It was like I had a stroke or something. In 2007, I started dating my now husband, from what I remember things went rather smooth, I had issues with jobs, lost my job at UPS, my job ended at another job, worked at Walmart. So 2008 comes, John got fired from his job, I got hired full time at Walmart, we were engaged by then. He was fired, I was hired all on my 30th Birthday!! Happy Birthday to me!! April finally gets here and the wedding of John and Jenna take place. I was gorgeous I must say. We didn't go all out. By this time, I was still getting weaker day by day. Stairs was a challenge for me, my mouth was going numb, it was getting crazy. It one point I made a joke, I probably had a brain tumor. My back was killing me. Standing was torture. So just being newly weds May we decided to get our eyes check. Good thing. John came out okay. I on the other hand, the eye doctor was concerned that my optic nerves were swollen. He thought I should have a MRI done, just to make things are okay. I went into panic mode. Just married, no insurance, cost of MRI around $2000.00. Got it done latter part of July. By end of month got the results. not good. went to family doctor and he told me that I had a 4 cm brain tumor. Scared? Hell yes!! So I went to Iowa City meet with Neurologist and Otolaranology scheduled surgery for Sept.24, 2008. If I waited til Oct, It would have killed me,Yep I would have died. So had the surgery, It was only suppose to take 12 hours, but 18.5 hours later, I was in SICU for 3-4 days. the tumor was pushing on my brain stem and it was wrapped around the 7th cranial nerve. They said it was the size of 2 golf balls. So now the healing begins and still going. To current this is what is going for me. I have a son that is a true miracle and blessed with. They told me that I probably would never get pregnant. Yeah, they were wrong. Ever since surgery though, life is not the best. I should be happy and thrilled that I am alive and happy with a husband and son. Yes, there are days that I am grateful. Would anyone else stay by my side, probably not. I have not been kind to people. It still bothers me to this day, that the stuff I once could do, is now challenging for me. Like this story I am having to do with my right hand. I am deaf in my left ear. My left eye does not close completely, they tried a weight and I was allergic to it. It also can't produce tears so I have to keep it lubricated. Sucks!! They could not save the 7th nerve, so I have Bell's Palsy. Still have pretty much the same problems I had before surgery but worse. My attitude is a roller coaster. I honestly do fight with my hubby a lot because I am so damn frustrated about my situation. It really depresses me, that my memory is not as good as it was, I can't work. Yes, I am really bothered that at this age I am on disability. I did have another surgery in 4/2010, they took part of my tongue nerve and tried to graft it to the 7th nerve. I am still waiting for results. Am I a cancer survivor? I don't know how to answer that. It was a benign tumor. It was silently killing me. If you have any questions, please ask. I do not wish this on anyone!!