Shannon's Story

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December 4, 2010

After two craniotomies, a year of radiation and chemo with wafers for high grade astrocytomas I am, as of December 4, 2010 two-years disease free! They don't know if they overshot my path or underestimated the power of radiating the Gliadel Wafers! I'll take it!

Excuse Me Someone Tinkered With My Thinker

Please excuse me someone tinkered with my thinker! 
Now all my thunks come out in prose
This could be just fine but White Papers don't rhyme 
I earned my living writing what I knows

Please excuse me someone tinkered with my thinker
Oh, could you tell me again? Was I raising my hand? 
I can't remember what I was trying to say
Stop making that sound! Why'd you turn off the light? 
I know the month, would you mind telling me the day?

Because it's my brain They think I'm insane
I'm NOT! Someone tinkered with my thinker!

Now my thunks are all wrong, they ring out like a song
Hold up I have an idea!

I'll pen a few thunks, into neat little rows
Put them to music and make LOTS of dough! 
Could it be? Are my new thunks worth a few bucks? 
I should move to Nashville drive a big shiny truck!

I will make this happen! I could earn buckets of bills 
I'll buy a big house next to Tim and Faith Hill

Though my thunks really rhyme
I have no rhythm, no tune, and no time 
The frustration is real and so is the pain 
I'm afraid my thunks will never pay the bills again!

My thunks may be odd but they are full of hope
Now that I stopped taking all the prescribed dope

I no longer smell, hear and sense what's not there
I shower occasionally and even wash my hair

My thunks may are happy now, although senseless and lame 
I realize they'll never bring fortune or fame
Their no longer focused on death and despair 
I don't know where I'm going but I know I'll get there!

Pills or a knife I urge you think twice before 
Someone Tinkers with your thinker!
So it is, so it goes, I guess nobody knows what happens when 
Someone tinkers with your thinker!