Seventeen Years...

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March 19, 2013 - Sebastian , Florida

It all started one beautiful sunny day in Big Pine Key Fla. I was 11 yrs old and always outside playing and diving. My mother was a nurse and my father a mailman. I had come in from playing outside in the sun and my mother glared into my eyes and said "Why are your pupils so large? They should be slits after being in the sun!" So she took me to the eye doctor and he said it could be a sign of pressure in the head, i think we should do an MRI. My mother proceeded to take me to Will's Eye Hospital in Philadelphia, Pa. they checked my eyes and said that I had Pseudopapladema, where your eyes just dialate sometimes and it was nothing to worry about, my cousin had the same thing. We flew back to the keys and told the eye doctor there what they had said. He suggested getting an MRI of the head just to be sure. I went and had an MRI and they found a large Brain Tumor located on the Brain Stem. The Tumor was blocking the CSF from draining out of my head. My head was literally ready to explode due to all of the fluid trapped in my head! The very next day my mother and I flew to Philadelphia and I went into emergency surgery in Philadelphia. I woke up about six hours later with tubes hanging out of my head draining the fluid out! All of a sudden I am sitting there talking with my family and fluid starts to drip out of my head at my temples! Here come to find out they put my head in a pinpoint vice during surgery and it punctured my skin. There was so much fluid and pressure the CSF began leaking out! One of the doctors came in and sewed the hole shut. The next day I went in for another surgery, this time to biopsy and try to remove the tumor. The Tumor was hard as a rock and was on the Brain Stem! They were able to get just enough to biopsy and placed a VP Shunt in my head to drain the CSF down into my abdomen. The tumor was a grade 2 Astrocytoma and inoperable. They gave me to the age of 15 to live! Several years passed with no problems besides permanent damage to the Optic Nerve due to the pressure. Sure enough at age 15 the tumor began growing again! TO BE CONTINUED........