Peggy's Story

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January 29, 2013

My sight in my right eye was sketchy then gone. After many hours of tests, it was concluded that I had an Optic Nerve Meningioma. In June of 1993, I had a craniotomy to remove most of the tumor.

After finding out I had an optic nerve meningioma, I elected to have it removed via craniotomy. My neurosurgeon and ophthalmologist left some of the tumor in tact that was attached to my right eyeball. Their reasoning was that the eye had good blood supply and it “tracked” well. So, rather than replace my right eyeball with a false eye, they left the remaining tumor.

I do feel very grateful. At the time, my two sons were young and it was frightening to them. However, when I was home and doing well, my oldest son asked, “if the doctors decide to replace your eye, could I take you to show-and-tell? Then, you can show my class how you can take your eye out.” He also requested to have some of the tumor so he could look at it under his microscope! Future scientist or doctor I thought!

I still have questions regarding the remaining tumor. Does it just go away or is it there, possibly near the other nerve? Obviously, this is something that bothers me and I can't get a clear answer from the doctors here. If anyone has an optic nerve meningioma and would like to talk, please let me know.