O'Martin's Story

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January 29, 2013

My name is O'Martins and this is my story.

On November 24, 2007, my friend and I were driving back from an interview when a vehicle hit us at high speed on my side of the car. Our vehicle kept skidding for over 100 meters before it stopped. My friend sustained an injury to his left arm and I hit my head on the side window. The driver of the car that hit us drove away thinking that we did not make it out alive.

Two weeks later, I started experiencing intense headaches, but I kept taking pain killers thinking the headaches were stress-related. But they persisted so I had to consult with some doctors who made various diagnoses like Hypoglycemia, low glucose level in the brain, over thinking, stress, etc. I reduced my work-load in order to curtail stress, but the pain became worse and I had to return to the hospital. This time the doctor diagnosed me with migraines and placed me on certain drugs which I took earnestly. The drugs helped to reduce the pain but only for a while. At that period, what kept me going was the song, ''He'll take the pain away.'' 

In July, 2008, I was rushed to the hospital due to pain which left me partially paralyzed for two days. I had an x-ray and the doctors said I had a crack in my skull. I was given a neck-collar to reduce movement in my neck and head region which I wore for three months. My eye sight was to the point that I could hardly look into any source of light (even the computer) without intense pain in my head. I could hardly eat nor drive anymore because my reflexes were no longer sharp.

On my birthday, September 30, I was in pain from 7am until 5pm before I could eventually get up from my bed. The pain persisted and by then the drugs were practically ineffective. The pain kept changing into new and painful signs that seemed like all the blood in my system was embedded in my head. On Wednesday, October 19 2008, I was rushed to the hospital to see a neurosurgeon, but was told that his next appointment date would be on November, 24 2008. 

With that information I had to call my family members and arrangements were made for me to move down to the east which I did the next day. The trip was short and terrible for me that I had to be taken out of the aircraft in a wheelchair to where I was picked up and rushed to a private hospital. I was admitted immediately but the doctor had to discharge me the next day and requested I have a CT scan (brain scan). I had the CT scan and the next day my result was ready. I was told I had Right Occipital Meningioma. The result was taken to the professor of Neurosurgery who after seeing the scan result, said I had a tumor as large as a quarter of my brain size and was unfortunately growing larger. He also said that I had barely 5 to 9 more days to live so I had to be admitted and operated on immediately.

On October 27 2008, two of my friends who are pastors came and joined me in prayer. Later, in the same day my father called saying that I should not have surgery because my family members were not confident in my surviving the surgery. I told him that I had found faith and confidence in God. 

On October 30 2008, I woke up in my hospital room.  I had a tube connected to my brain, which drained out the blood, had a catheter and a drip line. I was told that I left surgery at around 11pm and was moved to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). I was discharged on the 11th of November. My stitches were removed and by then I could do practically everything any other person could do. The doctors and nurses kept calling me ''wonder boy'' because the tumor was large, concealed and rested on my optic nerve. 

My life has been a miracle and blessing. I know this will serve as a source of encouragement for you and let you know that no matter what your situation; God will create a way of escape at the perfect time. Just hold on my dear. 

God bless you.