No Matter What Comes Your Way, Fight it Like a Trooper

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November 16, 2010

For whom ever reads this:


When I was 3 years old dig with leukemia. I am a survivior of that. And that was back in 1974. Thru the years ill beyond. Then in 2004 22 weeks preg. I wasn't able to do much at all. I was very ill. Passed on the drs it was because I was preg. My man came home from work and I wasn't awake. I awoke up in a hospital not knowing why I was their, And not knowing about my baby still in my tummy. The drs had next told me that I had a brain tumor the size of a grape fruit. While being in the hospitial I picked out the name for my baby to be born Faith Angel. See the tumor had already blew while I was in the helicopter. And how I made it only God knows. And last year October 8 another tumor behind my left eye and not in a good place at all. I made it thru that sur. The day I was to go home to my two girls the dr would not let me go home. I had to have another brain sur. I made it thru that one also. And after that my left side of my head just wasn't correct at all. So I went back over 4 times they would stick a needle in my left side and get fluid out. And after the 4 time the Dr said that I need to have brain surgery now another. I had a CSF leak. They had to get the fluid out. I made it thru that also. My left eye was so very bad it wouldn't open at all. I me myself and I made it work. Everyday and still today I sit down at my computer and got it to work the right way. Brain tumors are a ill tho everything works out in the long run. I am a proud mom of two girls. They have seen their mom go thru way to many bad brain tumor operations. Tho I told them last year Mommie can do it you will see. I am in remission from Acute Leukemia / Brain tumors and many more problems. I just put my boots on and climb the mountain and don't give up. I know that it more than just scars people when they hear they have a brain tumor tho it is up to you to fight it. Only you. I get told by all my drs Anne you are so strong. Yes I am. So for who ever reads this please be strong and smile you will be better each day that goes bye. Only you can do it.