My Mother Olivia fighting GMB Brian Tumor

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March 27, 2013 - Chicago, Illinois

My mother was a beautiful,spiritual,caring person. She was a person that loved helping others and always prayed for others. One day that all changed, On October 2011, my mother was diagnosed with Brain GMB Tumor( 3rd cancer.) She took chemotherapay and Radiation for two months its seemed that she was weaker and could no longer walk or do her daily activities. On January, 2011 she went back for an MRI to see if tumor had gone, doctor explain to us that there was no guarantee if tumor came back. Doctor suggested not to give no more chemotherapy or radiation due she would not be able to handled it becuase of her age and her weakness. My Sister Blanca and I were her caregivers we would rotate days with her in staying with her at her home. During,my mother's illness my sister and I decided to put her in Hospice care for better quality of life, there would be times when my mom would cry and say why this happen to her since she always fought cancer two times. Its been the hardest time of my life to see how my mom start getting sick with bedsores, her left side got paralized,her mind was still alert she remember things. But as time went on I saw that she fought for her life and Hospice said to prepare ourselves with funeral arrangements which I thank God it wasnt her time yet that was in March 2011. Hospice recomended to have visits only 15 minutes becuase my mom was not getting enough sleep and always seem very anxious during the visits. That help for sometime she looked great and eating better and had more conversations with her. But by almost by the end of March 2011 she started to have to much pain in her head and we started to give her morfine everytime she needed, and suddenly it got worse were it seemed she didnt eat or drink no more because she would choke. That night I called our Pastor from church to pray for her and we read the bible but it seem she was in to much pain. On April 05, 2011 my kids had an appointment with dentist and also me but somehow I felt so uncomfortable becuase I know my mom was very sick. That same day i returned because it was my turn take care of my mom,i gave her a kiss on her cheek and touch her hand and made sure she was still breathing and I was whispering in my mothers ear "That I loved her so much". As I turned around to ask my sister how my mom was doing? and then I turned to see her and speak to her... she was gone forever. I think she was waiting for me to Say "Goodbye" even she did not speak anymore because of so much pain she was going through. But my mom always had faith John 11:25 Jesus told her, " I am the resurection and the life. Anyone who believes in me will live, ever after dying. Everyone who lives in me and believes in me will never die.