my late husbands brain tumor journey

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May 5, 2014 - wmsvl, New York

In October of 2001, my late husband was diagnosed with glioblastoma multiform grade 4. At that time I didnt know how serious this was, I never heard of such a thing. We were visiting Buffalo, NY. I asked the dr if we can go back to Arizona and take care of this. He grabbed my hand and let me know the seriousness of this. In another week he would be dead. My brain heard it but my heart didnt. He was operated on to take most of it out but when you are in the brain only so much can be taken out before it affects your performance. And naturally it will start to grow again but i was still in denial. He will get better. Well it was a long journey with radiation for 3 months straight every day and then some chemo treatments along with all kinds of meds. He went from a 60 yr old to a 6 month old. He didnt know how to walk anymore, how to get out of a tub, he would fall, couldn't control his bowels and had to have diapers which I had to change. We brought hospice in but he still wanted me. I was like his mother. He named me cookie cause he loved his cookies...even during the night when I use to check on him, he wanted his cookies. I don't really know if he knew his demise. We laughed and talked all the time, he apologized for anything that he had done wrong in his life. Me and my 3 adult kids and 2 grandchildren cherished those moments. I can really say that those were the best times of my life, if that could make any sense. At the end he was at hospice for 3 days before he died. His journey lasted a year and 4 months. He passed on before I got there, I guess he wanted it that way. That was Feb 23, 2002. Since then I have remarried my soul mate, but I will never forget that time in my life, and would do all I did all over again even though it was so hard. Bless all of you out there with a cancer of some kind, and the caretakers.