my journey alone

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May 29, 2013 - queens new york, New York

I am a 32years old .been fighting pilocytic astrocytoma tumor of the optic chasm. done my surgery on the 01_29_07_. My Nero surgeon took out 85 percent of the tumor which had blind the right eye and visual defect in the left .after several mri and a few months after . We saw a regrowth of a different tumor that sprung out the the first tumor .my near oncology decided for me to do chemo (temador)after 6 months of temador . My mri shows nothing happen . Presently waiting to do my next mri to see where we go from there . I also found out that I have a cerebral aneurysm which is 3mm .presently blind in the right eye and have visual acuity in the left .going true a lots of chronic pain,, vision problem and emotional problems . On a watch and with position . cerebral aneurysm