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May 9, 2014 - KINGS PARK, New York

It started November of 2007, when my husband started having leg seizures. After an MRI and surgery we learned that he had a grade one brain tumor (oligodendroglimos). He started chemo, after 18 months of chemo the tumor grew,(grade 2) he then had radiation and chemo together. The tumor was stable for a few years. January of 2013 my husband began having seizures again, after numerous tests it appeared the tumor was stable. He began to have memory issues and processing issues. By May of 2013 he was having more issues including walking. On May 31st 2013 he had surgery again, the tumor had grown again, now grade three Anaplastic glimo. He began rehab and chemo again, still having processing issues and memory issues. After an MRI in October 2013 the tumors had grown yet again, October 21, 2013 surgery again, the last day he would walk on his own. They removed what they could, October 25, 2013 the worst news WHO grade 4 Glioblastoma. Into rehab again, November 14, 2013 the tumor had grown again, started Chemo again. At this point he was in in out of the hospital. February 14, 2014 we find out the tumor has grown and spread. We had exhausted all treatment options, he came home with hospice for his last few weeks. On March 3, 2014 he lost his battle to this horrific disease. He fought to the end, not wanting to go. He left behind me and his three kids. I stood by his side the whole time, always researching and hoping for a cure. I can only hope that one day there is a cure so no one else has to walk thru this horrible journey. As the care taker at the end I felt there was not enough info out there for brain tumor hospice care. I hope that with help the ABTA can gather info for future care takers.