My dad

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April 30, 2014 - Eden prairie, Minnesota

It was April 7, 2008 my husband and I were having fun playing cards with my mom and dad. Dad was acting a little strange. He grabbed a coke instead of a Pepsi, which if you knew my dad was not something he did... Ever. He had a hard time playing cards. At the end of the evening, my husband and I suggested very strongly to my mom to take dad into the ER... Something just wasn't right. She ended up taking him that night... I got a the call at 4:03 am that he was in the emergency room and was told he has a brain tumor. I couldn't speak, I couldn't breath... I just sat there on the phone hearing my mom say he has a brain tumor and we are being ambulanced to Mayo hospital. I don't know how I got to the hospital other than my husband drove for what seemed like days... It was actually an hour and a half... I kept thinking... A brain tumor doesn't sound good... Will he ever meet my kids I want to have some day. Will he see the house we were bidding on... Nothing was certain that is for sure. We get to the hospital and he looks normal, maybe they have misdiagianosed him, maybe he just has the flu or something. I can't handle having another parent go through cancer (mom had ovarian cancer 2002 and is a survivor). It turns out that dad had gioblastoma multiforme stage 2. It was inoperable which meant we were told 6 weeks at the longest without treatment. My dad decided he had a lot of living left, and went through radiation. Turned out we had him for 25 months from diagnosis to death. He was able to see his youngest son get married, meet a brand new grandson and celebrate a very exciting 60th birthday. He was such a great guy, in the end though you could hardly recognize him, he looked like a completely different person, but he had the same heart, same smile and he still called me toots even when he was in the hospital. I will remember a few moments right down to moment in my life... When my husband proposed, got married, each birth of my two wonderful boys and the day my dad passed away. I remember every moment of that day and at 5:23 am on May 10, I remember whispering in my dads ear that I loved him and that we would all be ok, we would make it without him, even if it was unbearable, we, the original 6 would make it. We had our spouses and kids to lean on, we had each other. Now I can tell you 4 years later, some realtionships have gotten stronger, some torn apart. But I do know that my dad is still as much a part of my life now as he ever was. I see it in a certain look my son gives me or something they say, I see it in my sons appreciation of the Beatles. I see it every day and thank God that I was lucky enough to have my dad for as long as I did, even though my time was short, it was meaningful and real.