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May 1, 2014 - Leo, Indiana

My condensed story version:
Hi, I am here to find success stories to inspire me. And to hopefully inspire others with my story & success.

March 5 was the 3-year mark since my GBM diagnosis (golf ball size tumor behind right eye causing horrible headache). Anyway I'm thrilled to still be here, and feelin' ok, but the journey started out rough with the conventional protocol: 6 weeks of radiation/chemo treatment and a year of maintenance Temodar after that (which only garnered small improvements). HOWEVER, Once I started my own health regime: Positive mental expectancy, consciously, standing guard to my mind to keep out all negative, only allowing positive, healing thoughts, affirmations. Raw vegetables (Gerson), alkalizing the body, chlorophyll, reduced sugar intake by 85-90% THEN we began seeing significant improvements and actually had 2 somewhat clear scans. One in particular where, instead of a tumor, there was an "empty mesh material" where the tumor "used to be". The Oncologist smiled, shook my hand and said "whatever you're doing--keep doing it." I knew then, raw food was effective. The last scan in early November 2013 showed a small "something" about 1cm but they said  "no need for any action" but at that time I had my first seizure and ended up in the hospital for a few days. After another MRI it was discovered that the tumor had reappeared, however it was now one mass in one accessible place in the right temporal lobe allowing for surgery for the first time. Thus I went ahead and had it taken out by a very skilled surgeon, Dr. Loi Phuong, M.D. on 4-18-14.

Recovery has been very swift with no bad effects,  and I will be begin Avastin as a maintenance treatment in a couple weeks. Then the 56 titanium staples will be removed!


I do hope someone has been able to GLEAN something useful from my story. I thrived on success stories during the first few years of this amazing journey.

I have an amazingly supportive wife and two equally amazing children 12 & 15 and plan on being here for the long run. I love my life again!

Thanks for reading,
All my very best to you,