My brain tumor story

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August 26, 2013 - Adams, Massachusetts

My name is Debbie, I was Diagnosed with a brain tumor the size of a golfball in the frontal lobe of my head in June 2013. One of my symptoms was really bad headaches every single day. To the point where I had to lay down and a take a pain reliever. I thought my headaches where just because Of the work I do. So I had a CAT scan done. It revealed that I had a brain tumor. I was in shock! I had my brain surgery on August 14, 2013. It's been a week and six days since my surgery. I am making a full recovery. My head will have to get scanned for the rest of my life. Throughout this whole thing I was scared and afraid ,but it is my faith that keeps me strong. From this experience I have learned cherish every moment with love one and enjoy life. For anybody who reads my story I hope that helps you.