Michael's Story

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January 29, 2013

In November 2007, I was diagnosed with a GBM grade 4. I was crushed, to put it mildly, when the doctor gave my mom and I the news. Here I was, 38 years old, thinking I was perfectly healthy.

In December 2007, I had the biopsy to confirm. Then, in January 2008, I underwent a partial resection of the tumor as well as removal of my right temporal lobe. I then went on a clinical trial of Temodar and radiation for six weeks. When finished, I had to stay on the Temodar for an additional year, 5 days on 23 off.

My tumor has not grown any since the surgery. My family and I have truly been blessed! I still have to go for MRI's every other month but I don't worry about the outcome. I know that through prayer and faith in the healing power of God I will one day here those words "remission." I would like to be able to have another biopsy done, but the tumor is too close to my brain stem.

Thank you for listening to my thoughts and my story.