man in the shiny white coat

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April 1, 2013 - Kleefeld, Manitoba Canada, North Dakota

It has been a year since our 4 year old Broden has been home from Children"s Hosp. here in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada. He was diagnosed with medulloblastoma Aug16, 2011, and had surgery within 12 hours of the tumor, no time to go home, get ready or deal with the LONG road of surgery, Chemo and Bone marrow transplant. I had to stop my career... Hold our Breathe and PLUNGE into a nightmare. After the KILLING chemo and bone marrow transplant, we really thought Broden was not gonna make it... Thant night he was on OXYGEN, 4 infused narcotics and swollen from his organs wanting to SHUT down... In the AM he was sitting in bed and oxygen off... The nurse came in and said, well, he has TURNED a 180.....I was told we would be going home soon!!!! I looked at Brody and asked him how he was, He said a Man in a SHINY, white coat came to see him that night. He said that Broden was going to get better... I was shocked, Broden knows nothing about God or angels and He had a Visit from one above, From that day on, He is Getting Stronger and Stronger. I am Blessed to have him and I feel the Guilt of 4 other boys who are not here. but Broden is.... Thank you American Brain Assoc. From your website I KNEW my son had a tumor... Eventhough the Specialist said I was CRAZY!! luv to you all, Jodi