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March 20, 2014 - Queensland Australia,

It's been almost one year since we lost our fella Brett Le Cornu to a 5yr battle with a right frontal lobe Oligoastrocytoma. Over the years of late night internet researching and sleeplessness we spent a reasonable amount of time on the ABTA's website and it helped a lot! It was such a tough time. I did not want to show Brett that I was scared of losing him but the more I read the more I dreaded the day! I felt very alone. Not knowing who to turn to. His old friends were no longer his friends. Many of our mutual friends were so busy in their own lives so I did not want to bother them. We were not close with Brett's family, however I turned to them for support and got very little. I pleaded with them to help me do some fundraising and save money for ongoing support and treatment for Brett. I wanted to take him to one of Australia's best known brain surgeons, Charlie Teo. After making enquiries with his personal assistant the outcome was that we needed $60,000 for the operation. The trouble is we didn't have $60,000. I lost more sleep and was consumed by the situation 24hrs a day. Brett had two operations. One in 2008 and one in 2010 followed by radiation treatment. All was stable for sometime until the tumor began again... I supported him through two rounds of chemo and all was going well. He then got called up for radiation after the tumor had started spreading however it was too late. It had spread far too quickly. His family were contacted to be informed and went into a panic. Soon our life wasn't our own anymore. They knew they were losing him. They travelled from interstate and were on our doorstep dictating every movement for the day! We couldn't have time to ourselves. Many friends and family said "why don't you just get in the car and take off?". It was tempting but we couldn't. We couldn't deny their last moments with him. They loved him. It was hard to 'play happy families' when I reached out and had no response but now they were literally taking over our lives! Brett's mum and step dad paid for a week of accommodation at Broadbech on the Gold Coast for us to have a break away. It was lovely and just what we needed. We were on 'our terms' and invite friends and family over for dinners, lunches, bbq's and swims. It was lovely, but we knew only temporary. My dad shouted us a few nights at the Q1 resort which was another blessing. It was there that Brett's tumor continued to torment him and unfortunately I had to call an ambulance due to the persistent vomitting and not keeping the brain tumor/anti epileptic medication down. That night was to be our last conversation before he left us for heaven just 3 days later. One thing he always wanted to do was go skydiving. Unfortunately he didn't quite make it so our poppy rob took his ashes skydiving on his 76th birthday last weekend! We will scatter Brett's ashes on our wedding anniversary on March 30. Brett's spirit lives on with us all. He was an amazing guy. Always laughing, smiling and never complained. He would walk into a hospital and comment on how lucky he was when he would look around and see everyone else! My true hero and special man. A 'lightbulb' donation was purchased through the ABTA shortly after he passed. I enjoy getting your emails and keeping in touch. We are continuing to raise money for Brain Tumor research.