Kory's Story

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February 13, 2013 - Jemez Springs, New Mexico

Fellow survivors and those with hope - continue to believe that you can win both battles and war. I wrote to this forum in 2006 on my stage III anaplastic astrocytoma, not knowing much more than I could articulate at that time, but was blessed with hope for bonus life. It was drama in the beginning, peppered with research into the cell type and mortality rate, yielding the expected thoughts of depression. I prepared my burial through the Veterans administration as it was an avenue to save my family the burial costs, and energized my effort to tie up any loose ends in my life. My "bucket list" at the age of 32 was actually overflowing a bit, but I also had to address some regrets as dangerous as it sounded. It was easier than I thought with new found determination. I never died, and went on to see my 50th birthday surrounded by friends and family. The next year I wrote a short book I titled "The Star Cell and the Healer." I knew it would not be a NY Times Bestseller, and found joy in recounting the trials and successes over the years for others to read. In short, and somewhat graphical for the reader, focus on the nails head rather than your thumb when swinging the hammer, and you'll nail it everytime. I smashed my thumb many times over the years, and suffer from partial paralysis on my left side, but ran a half marathon, crashing at the finish line on the side of my face. Kind of funny, but i did it. Set goals to keep your mind strong and occupied continuously, and reach for the dream you had as a child or accomplish the things you may have never pursued due to conflict or time constraints, and LIVE! All my best to the war torn and weary; there is something for you just over the next hill, and it is just the thing you plan to pull you out of the trench you might be crawling out of. Don't believe the critics. Things are getting much better for us - yes us! Yogi Berra once stated that it "ain't over till its over." As obvious as it is... it ain't. Many blessings - Kory