Glioblastoma Warrior

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April 30, 2014 - Connecticut

Catherine Rose was 17 and a senior in High School getting ready to go to College. She had been feeling sick for quite awhile but Doctors had attributed it to many common factors. We had gone to ER where we finally received an MRI . She had a large tumor in her right front lobe which later would be diagnosed as a grade 4 glioblastoma one of the most aggressive deadliest incurable brain tumors in the world. We flew out from Ct. to St. Judes where she received her first line treatment . She has had 3 surgeries, chemo and radiation and is currently in treatment at our home hospital . April was one year from diagnosis . We are currently searching for a trial. We are hopeful she will start College in the fall. She has faced this diagnosis with unbelievable courage and positivity and grace. Treatment hasnt changed much over the years and glioblastoma remains incurable but we are hopeful new treatments are coming out . #GreyMatters and we matter . My childs life depends on a cure.