Casey and Natalie's Story

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June 9, 2007

"19 Month Old Fights Tumor as Her Parents Fight War"

Casey B. has made a career of protecting others while serving in the Army. But all that training couldn't prepare her for protecting her daughter Natalie from the tumor growing inside her 19-month-old's brain.
Natalie had a rare tumor growing above the area of the brain that controls her motor skills. The family called neurosurgeons all over the country after a physician at another children's hospital left them with little hope. Casey says the signs were clear what the next steps would be. 

During an interview with WREG Channel 3 on May 9, little Natalie took her first steps since the three surgeries to remove the tumor and control her seizures. The moment caught on camera, brought Casey to tears. "I am happy. I think once I get her home, she'll be on the road to recovery," Casey said.