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March 6, 2014 - glossop, Idaho

my son Cameron was diagnosed with medulloblastoma on 5.7.13 since then he has received all the relevant therapy permitted to treat high grade medulloblastoma. on 7.2.14 whilst recovering from his second an final stem cell harvest he was admitted to the picu with severe breathing an lung problems, we have remained there ever since he has had secretions from his chest examined many times and he has been treated with steroids and antibiotics with no effect. his life hangs in the balance the Drs have no diagnosis an all samples sent to the micro biologists have come back negative to any type of infection. the thought that it was inflamation was considered an it was treated with steroids also to no effect. he took back his own stem cells and while this is quite common in patients who have had other stem cells given to them in transplant, its unheard of in patients who took back there own. please if theres anyone out there who has any information regarding this situation, anyone who has been there or heard of this before who could help please get back to me. i am spreading my story just hoping someone can help.