Animal Rescuer/Mom/Rare Brain Tumor

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September 17, 2015 - Red Hook, New York

at 42 I have been a healthy, active person my entire life. I've dedicated 20 years of it to giving back- specifically to animal rescue. in 2014 I became increasingly ill, first with Meningitis then with a variety of disruptive ongoing symptoms including memory loss, speech problems, balance issues, hyper-sensitivity to light and sound, and extreme fatigue. After 1 visit to a Neurologist I was sent for an MRI and in June of 2015 I was diagnosed a 2.3 cm Acoustic Neuroma a.k.a Vestibular Schwanoma. In August I went through Gamma Knife "Surgery" at NY Presbyterian in NYC. My symptoms continue to affect me daily including excruciating abdominal "attacks", headaches, fatigue, balance problems, vision problems, trouble eating, and more. I have started at Go Fund Me page to help me and my family get through this very difficult time. Please share this link if you are able. Sincerely Bobbi Jo Forte