A nice holiday surprise

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January 19, 2014

It had just turned December and I was getting ready for school finals. I kept waking up with these awful headaches. Now, I never get headaches and if I did/do there small and go away with Tylenol. At first, I just ignored it and took medicine and it would go away. But I started notice by the second week it was only when I was laying down and turn from side to side. Once I got up and sat upright it would go away. While studying I noticed I had trouble following the lines to read and eventually I felt very dizzy almost drunk-like. By the third week I went to my doctor and was diagnosed with vertigo. However, the medication I was given wasn't working and I was still waking up with excruciating headaches and soon enough I was throwing up. On December 19th, 2012 I was taken to the emergency room and given a CT scan. Literally, five minutes later the doctor came in and said I had a tumor on my cerebellum. I was immediately sent to the neuro unit where I was told I needed to have emergency surgery. The next morning I had my surgery and it went very well. The whole tumor was successfully removed now we just needed the pathology report which we didn't receive until after the new year. I remember being by myself in the room waiting for the doctor to come in which felt like an eternity. Finally, she came in looked at me, smiled and said "ok, here we go." She started to read and the first sentence she read was a "malignant tumor" and it was circled and had "immediate attention"next to it. All I could do was look at her and say "ok." I had absolutely no idea what the rest of the report said all I knew was the word malignant and that it meant cancer. I was diagnosed with a medulloblastoma brain tumor at 23 years old. I have had surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. I finished surgery and radiation and am now on my last month of chemo. This has definetely been a life changing experience and one that has sucked. But I can say I am a cancer survivor!