Waldine's Fight

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January 30, 2016 - Detroit, Michigan

Hello, This is not frictional or write for promotional use this is the truth. My grandmother suffered two brain tumors but the second was much worse. She was first diagnosed in the mid 1970's with the first tumor I remember she said she difficulty with her walking smelling loud perfumes gave her headaches. The tumor was successfully removed. My granny was always worried about her kids and grandkids. Specifically me Alexus her favorite. In 2012 she had breast cancer and the tumor came back the cancer was successfully removed. However the tumor couldn't go away. I remember my granny had trouble walking she had to quit her job of thirty years our house had burned down. It was days when I gave up because I hated seeing her like this she struggled and didn't survive. My granny is the true definition of a warrior never giving up even when she wanted too. I respect her so much because looking at her situation made it hard for me to be strong but I did. As look back at her life she fullfied her purpose did what was expected I am so proud of her she did that!!