Tr GBM Grade IV Survival now enterning 9 th year

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April 28, 2016 - kolkata,

Dear Friends , I am Mr Tapas Raha ,age now 66 ,living in Calcutta ,India ,want to share about my GBM Grade IV Cancar Left Parietal . I was diagnosed with GBM(Glioblastoma Brain Multiple Tumor Grade IV ,highly Malignant Cancar Survivors) in 2008 4/ 5th midnight February , after I had Excruciating Pain in the Whole Head at 11.40 pm on 4 th February , while I was chatting with my family at home . MRI of 5 th February 2008 at Kolkotta/ Madras size 5.0 x 4.0 x 3.3 cm Prior to surgery when Tumor was detected in Kolkotta on 5 th February 2008 MRI report Apollo Gleneagles Hospital Kolkotta/Madras . I was 56/57 years old .Now 66 + still surviving with my GBM IV ,I.E.7 years 6 months had ONE Surgery so far ,done by Renowned SURGEON DR SIDDHARTA GHOSH APOLLO GLENEAGLES HOSPITAL Chennai . After my admission in Apollo Hospital on 2008 ,Salt Lake on 5 th February ,the team of Dr's found out had I had Large Tumor in the Head ( Left Parietal )from CT Scan & MRI . My family decided to fly me to Madras .After reaching Madras & getting admitted under Dr S Ghosh ,he study my case & made my undergo several tests etc ,but having no PET-CT in Madras ,I was flown to Hyderabad Apollo Hospital where they had latest PET CT Scan .Same day ,after collecting my reports ,I was flown back to Madras with to & from by paramedic Escort . Dr Ghosh done CT guided stereo tactic Biopsy done on 9/2/2008 Navigation guided Left Parietal ceaniotomy & gross total excision of tumor done on 14/2/2008 . Finding 4 cm in Parietal cortex tumor grayish white in Color & moderately vascular . Dr Ghosh studied my reports ,then decided to perform my BRAIN SURGURY , with team of Dr's on 14 th February 2008 which lasted over 5 hrs + . Thereafter ,Dr prescribed me with various types medicine/injection eg. 45 Tabs per day which I continued for nearly 3 years + ,slowly reduced to 2 Anti convulsion drug ,besides which includes this schedule Medicine Pan 40, Epic 100 Mg X Thrice Daily , Elton 100 Mg , Levi pil 1g X Twice Daily, Laming DT 100 mg , Eslizen 400 X 3 Tab Per Day , Amaryl 2 Mg . I underwent Radition in Madras Apollo under Dr K S Sekhar Sr .Consultant Radiation Oncology on 12 April 2008 . I had to take ONE Temodal Capsule per day before Radition for 20 days . My Report states that :- Diagnosis ;- --------------------------------- Glioblastoma Multi forme -Left Temporo Parietal Region -Post Op On Examination :- General Condition - Fair ,CVS :S 1 S 2 - Normal ,RS :Clear ,Abdomen :- Soft , NAD. L/E :- Craniotomy scar healthy , slurring of Speech + ,right hemiparesis + Course in Hospital :- After GTC immobilisation ,treatment planning CT brain was taken ,target volume drawn and planning was done ,patient was started on Stereo tactic Radiotherapy on Linear Accelerator ,using 6 MV photona total dose of 60 Gy in fractions was given to the lesion by SRT technique from 29.02.2008 to 12.04.2008 .Patient tolerated the treatment well . Advice :- To review with Dr Siddhartha Ghosh (Consultant Neuro Surgeon ) for further management . To review with Dr K S Sekhar ( Snr Consultant Radiation Oncologist ) after 2 months with prior appointment . S/d Dr K S Sekhar Radiation Oncologist. Dt 12/04/2008 In 2011 May ,again my Dr suggested to undergo SRT Radition . Before I underwent Radition ,had to take ONE Caps Temodal before SRT ,Dt 25/5/2011 completion Dt 4/6/2011 Under Dr S Mukherjee/Dr Akhter Jawade ) SRT (Diagnosis ;- Recurrent Tumor Left Parietal Lobe ( Glioblastoma Multiforme)Surgury 2008 >Post Surgery Radition (SRT 60 Gy IN 30 Fractions )Machine ,Novalis Tx ,Energy 6MV Photon (SRT ) Dose 30 Gy IN Fractions Immobilisation by SRS (Framless Carnial Mask )Daily Verifation by Exactrac ,Comments :- Tolerated Radiation Well ,Adv Skin Care etc , (Temodal ) Caps for Radition 3 caps per day for 5 days repeat in 3rd week cycle for 21 cycle . Advice dt 15/02/2008 in CHENNAI :- Tab Eptoin 100 mg 1 - 1- 2 to be continued Tab Encorate 100 mg 1 tab three times a day to be continued Tab Frisium 10 mg 1 tab at bedtime to be continued Tab Decdak 2mg 1 tab four times a day to be continued Tab A to Z 1 tab once a day x 1 month Tab :Lamitor DT 100 mg. 1 tab ,two times a day to be continued Tab: Pan 40 mg , 1 tab ,two times a day to be continued Tab : Sucralfate 1gm. 4 times a day to be continued Tab : Benalgis 75 mg 1 tab ,once a day x month Tab : Temodal 100 mg , 1 once a day before radiation .Tablet to be taken non-radiation day also . Tab :Emeset 8 mg. 1 tab 1/2 an hour before Tab Temodol to be continued Tab : Atorva 10. 1 tab at bedtime to be continued Tab : Losar 50 mg 1 tab .at bedtime to bw continued Tab : Alprax 0.5. 1 tab .at bedtime to be continued Tab : Lasilactone 50 mg. 1 mg .Once a day x 1 month Tab :Gluconorm SR. 500 mg. 1 tab ,two times a day to be continued Tab : Inj .Human Insulin R 8 units three times a day . To come for review as advised with prior appointment . Medicine priscribed by Dr S Ghose (Senior Consultant Neurosurgeon ) in 2008 after Surgery . I have been declared 90% disabled by the Medical Board by Govt of India ,Smt Mita Banerjee I.A.S who issued my certificate Identity Card & Pass Book 925327 dt 30/05/2012 valid 30/05/12 90% Degree of Disability O.P.H Govt of W/Bengal/ deptt of Women & Child Development & Social Welfare . In 2011 ,my Dr Saibal Mukherjee of Apollo Hospital ,Calcutta ,one day told me that they have meeting regarding Difficult cases & I am glaring example patients suffering with GBM Grade IV ,since 2008 February till now ,Age now 62 + (had in 2008 February 5th was Age 57 yrs ) Sir ,as per Dr Lt .Gen .Dr Saibal Mukherjee (Retd) MD (Radiology)MD,(Radiotherapy)Director of Oncology Service ,& Head of. Apollo Gleneagles Cancer Hospital , Mob 09804000402. Work 03323202122. When my family enquired how he is telling this ,he told to look up in internet where I will find the details of GBM Grade IV Survivors of Left Parietal .My age as present 62 + 3 months . Dr Madhuchanda Kar ,Medi Onco Consultant ,MD ,Phd mobile 9830155915 of. ,was recommended by Dr Siddhartha Ghosh to look after my developments of my oncology problems . Tapas Raha, 1 A ,Mandivelle Gardens ,Kolkata-700019 ,INDIA Mob +919830576079 In 2013 February ,I have been recently interviewed by DD (Govt of India TV channel )since my rearest of rarest case of survival over 5 years will be a lesson for benifit of other suffering patients from GBM ( Glioblastoma Brain MultiformeTumor Grade IV ,highly Malignant Cancar Survivors) . Please watch in U -Tube under Brain Cancar Survivor Tapas Raha which has been posted by my friend on 12 Th March 2013 . My advice to my fellow patients will be not to give up hope ,pray to GOD almighty to live as long as possible ,strong will power ,strong determination to fight CANCAR . ------------------------- My latest MRI with Contrast Spetroscopy dt 2 nd July 2013 done at Tata Hospital ,Rajarhat ,Kolkotta states that my Tumor Size has shrunk in Size & I am feeling much better with my phyiotherapy exercise & able to grasp items with my right hand ,lift water bottle 1.5 kg Weight ,throw rubber & plastic ball ,slowly able to fold my fingers. I am very happy . Seeing my post in CancarCompass under " Inspire "ABTA website ,several patients & there families contacted me & I am happy to guide them to my Homeopathy Dr Pritip Banerji of Kolkotta who is recommending medicine depending nature of Cancar or GBM where located etc . If anyone wants to have all my reports ,I am ready to share with him/her or Dr's . MRI dt 20 th February 2012 at Apollo Gariahat Dr Anup Bhargava size 4.5 x 4.4 x 4.8 cm MRI dt 26 th May 2012 at Apollo Gariahat Dr A Bhargava size 4.4 x 3.4 x 3.6 cm My MRI findings in Tata Hospital ,Rajarhat Kolkotta are as follows :- Tata MRI Tumor Test Order S0/12/140864 DT.4/9/2012 report Size 4.9x3.88x3.80 cms . Next MRI dt 16/01/2013 ref Tata Hospital ref MR No MR/12/005243 Test order SO/13/149410 Tumor size next 4.6x4x3 cms Latest MRI Tumor MR/12/005443 dt 6/7/2013 size 4x3x2.7 cms My Latest MRI Result dated 14 February 2014 in Tata Medical Centre Hospital ,Rajarhat Kolkata show my Tumor Size as 3 x 2.8 x 2.7 cms reference MR No. MR/12/005343. Test Order No SD/14/041844 report My next MRI done Tata Medical hospital in Rajarhat done on 16 th February 2015 shows size 3 x 2.8 x 2.50 .this means reduction by .20 cms Institute Of Cytology and Perventive Oncology ( ICMR )Dpt of Health Research ,MOH & Family Welfare ,Govt of India . In Feb 2015 MRI & December 2015 MRI show same size . I am very happy to state that Homeopathy Medicine can cure or give extra life etc . I went UK & USA & gave interview with VOA ,Washington & BBC last week came to my house took Interview etc If you type my name in Google ,then my whole history can be read . & S-I