The unexpected gifts of my Glioblastoma

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February 1, 2016 - Chapel Hill, North Carolina

I first saw my tumor in June 2015, on the radiologist's screen. My left hand had stopped working, and the MRI was intended to rule out MS. Who knew a white spot could be so frightening? Aggressive Glioblastoma treatment ruled my family's life for months: two craniotomies, 33 days of radiation, radio-static surgery for a second tumor, and now, monthly oral chemo. No more driving, no more work, no more "downward dog" in yoga class. Now, after six months, I'm finally feeling well most of the time and settling into my new life. I'm learning to relax, following a diverse set of interests, and spending far more time with friends. These are the "gifts" from this cancer. Yes, that's an odd perspective. But in some ways, I'm healthier now than I was in my earlier, more frantic life... except for that silent, unwelcome beast in my brain. If this perspective might be of use to you or a loved one, you can read the long version of the story at I wish I was the only person with this illness, but unfortunately there are quite a few of us. My goal is to share a bit of inspiration if I can. Beth Chapel Hill, NC (Duke Cancer Center)