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July 24, 2016 - Dallas, Texas

My story starts with a major suizure, no other symptoms CAT scan revealed a tumor in my right frontal lobe, I was lucky and found a neurologist at Southwest Medical Center in Dallas TX, lots and lots of tests followed, finally November 22,1996 it was determined that surgery to remove as much of the tumor as possible would be the 1st part of treatment, joined study with the Mayo Clinic, vincristine chemo for 3 months along with sessions of radiation to follow. Made it thru all of that without to much trouble,all was good for 7 years and bam! The tumor came back, surgery again with more chemo watched every 6 months with new MRI, 21 years later and 4 surgeries and several rounds of different chemos, I'm still here and fighting. My surgeon who I am forever grateful to always said getting better is 75% attitude so I try to stay positive.