Remembering Baby Ryan

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June 6, 2016 - Baltimore, Maryland

This is my son Ryan..he was born on March 28th 2016 and after noticing his head getting larger we took him to the local ER where we were immediately sent to Johns Hopkins children's center. After an mri Ryan was diagnosed at 12 days old with a very large brain tumor. We spent the next 3 weeks at Hopkins where he underwent surgery at 16 days old to place a shunt and get a biopsy of his tumor. The results took a long 2 weeks and even then they were not sure what tumor he had but said it resembled a sarcoma. On April 29th we brought Ryan home on hospice and started oral chemo the next day. Ryan bravely took 9 doses of chemo but sadly passed away at home in my arms on May 9th at just 6 weeks old. We donated Ryan's tumor to Hopkins in the hope that he could help another child who has been diagnosed with a similar tumor. After preliminary results came back we now know he did not have a sarcoma but instead he had a congenital intracranial teratoma, a very rare and usually fatal tumor. My new passion is to raise awareness of childhood cancer and specifically brain tumors. Please consider following Ryan's page and help bring awareness far and wide. No one should ever have to suffer with cancer and after going through it myself I see it all to often now. Thank you for allowing me to share his story. His page is below