Phils story

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January 5, 2016 - New York

it all started just over one year ago. I was at work and was getting dizzy and had a bad headache. when I got home I pulled into my driveway. everything went into tunnel vision. and then I started to vomit. for the next week I lived with a bad headache. anytime I tried to eat I would get sick. I went to my regular dr. I was told I had cluster headaches. never going to see that dr. again. Saturday came my fiancé was at work had my daughter call and say I need to go to the hospital. I went to the emergency room. they got me right in and gave me a ct scan . I was told I had major swelling in my brain. so they sent me to Dartmouth hospital. when I got there I had a mri and they said I had a tumor. and needed surgery so three days later I had brain surgery. the tumor came back gbm stage 4 cancer. I thought I am 37 healthy guy how this happen to me. life was starting to falling into place. had two girls and a beautiful wife to-be. well I went thru 33 rounds of radiation and chemo. life seemed to be hell. the only thing that me thru this is god and lots of praying. after I finshed all the treatments. I had a mri right before thanksgiving and found out it was back. I was lost in my mind. 3 weeks before Christmas I had my second surgery. I am always thinking if I am gone how will my family move on. my feelings go up and down. but I am a warrior so I will conquer this cancer and come on top of the mountain. I believe god has a plan for me. I have set up a go fund me account so if you want to check it out has more info. its Philip Weaver Jr cancer fund. thank you for reading.