Ongoing Gratitude for Survival - 22 Years

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December 6, 2016 - Jemez Springs, New Mexico

This is my third update through the ABTA to share successful news regarding longevity, and my personal thankfulness for life-giving treatment and encouragement to stage III brain tumor patients. I was diagnosed in 1995, treated in 2000 with standard protocol for the astrocytoma (~5cm). It worked! My prognosis was three years based on predictive analysis, and continued to be three years until the predictive model had me on the tail end of probability. My dear Oncologist just passed away from throat cancer last month, and I have very few witnesses to the events that shaped my trial, treatment and recovery after twenty-two years. My mother and father, and my two sisters are my earthly strength with testimony to this heavenly goodness. Love, faith, prayer, and trust prove to be the most powerful weapons in this fight, regardless of the more germane elements attributed to the physical realm. In summation, I realized that the physical effects the spiritual, and that the spiritual effects the physical, positively or negatively. I am promoting spiritual relevance for life in this third letter as I offer gratitude to the ABTA, and to those who have gone before me (many), those presently in the fight, and for those who may find themselves or loved ones in it. Battles are fought to win wars, so my wife and I choose the highest and most victorious powers that yield the best success against the worst enemies. ABTA fights for all of us, young and old! kindly yours - kbc