Near-Death Bliss as Healing Medicine

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May 10, 2017 - Arcata, California

During my typical suburban childhood, headaches became part of life from a young age. As an adult who dealt with multiple levels of trauma beyond later becoming a single mom, I worked multiple jobs in ways of helping others, which brought me satisfaction and positive connections – while raising my daughter. So after my daughter grew up & moved out, I went back to school to get my MSW. Upon graduating, I ran a Homeless Center for Families, which was deeply rewarding, even if it only lasted a year. So with my headaches getting worse than ever, I moved in with my boyfriend/partner, a 2-hour drive away into a rural area – and the very first morning at his place, I had a very long Grand Mal Seizure! Beyond having him save my life & call an ambulance, the local hospital discovered the root of my headaches: I had a tumor in my left brain that grew so large it actually pushed into my right brain. They helicoptered me to another hospital – but it was too large for the neurosurgeon at that hospital to perform its surgery! Having lost my health insurance with the job, with my inability to stay conscious, it was difficult to get the care I needed. My partner spent another 6 weeks while I got worse, often unconscious, with only finally getting a doctor from the neighboring rural county to make a phone call, and get me on a plane to San Francisco, as I wouldn't have made it by car – where my life was saved with a 12 hour surgery!! But the Near-Death Bliss I awoke to & received on that medical helicopter, worked as my medicine – and why I wrote a book to describe what happened! Titled Midwife to a Butterfly: Sacred Synchronicity, Near-Death Bliss, and our Collective Rebirth of Consciousness – as my brother, who’s a Physical Therapist of Neurology told me – the Meningioma is shaped like a butterfly.