My meningioma tumor

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May 21, 2016 - Annville, Pennsylvania

My name is Autom Cora. I am 28 yeats old. In three months I will be 29. I am a mother,housewife,former over the road truck driver's wife. My husband changed his job. I survived domestic violence,and left. My husband raised my oldest child. I always had neaseau. I think it began with my first major migraine. A year and some months ago. They were controlled by Tylenol. Then Excedrin migraine kicked them for weeks. My stomach hurt in between my breast. I would often feel like throwing up. I felt like I had a never ending virus. Then for a month I would be happy, fine. Symptoms were back and forth. I saw a gastrointologist. Testing was done,no ulcers found. Then had ultrasound and a gallstone was found. I could not afford surgery to have my gallbladder removed. So, I dealt with terrible car sickness, and symptoms that I thought were due to gallstone. A year and some months passed. I moved back home. Found a surgeon ,and planned on having gallbladder removed. Then my migraines got worse. My vision, I was looking through static. Very hard to explain. My husband helped me walk, trying to focus and see. Driving at night, I could see nothing on dark roads. Almost went up on curbs. I could not turn my car. Apparently I would swerve. Twice I woke up and walked drunken. Again ,thinking maybe inner ear infection. Maybe vertigo. Maybe symptoms of migraine. People get migraines, but they do not have a tumor. I had a doctor appointment scheduled. New insurance, pcp. A week before that appointment, my migraines were everyday. No medicine worked. My stomach hurt. So I said OK ,we will pick lets pick up children from school. Head down that way to Lebanon. Go to GSH ER. By now the migraine is only on right side of face. My right side of face cramped up the night before. Checked my vision. I tried to explain. The lines blended together. I went for a cat scan. They put me and my husband in a room. Physician assistant came in, sat down. Held my hand and said we found a tumor. Showed the picture of a 4 inch tumor taking up my left side, putting pressure on brain. At the time the type of tumor was not knowen. They immediately called Pennstate Hershey Medical in Pennsylvania. Transfered me to the neurological unit. I waited a few days . Met many nurses, cnas, a neurological surgeons and staff. I was told the type of tumor, and plans. Waited with heart monitor, blood sugar checks, IVs in both arms, and my hairfoot for anesthia. Then a tube inserted though upper theigh up to tumor to cut off blood supply. Next day was surgery. It took 8 or 9 hours to remove all of tumor. I woke up, sore and weak. Could not open mouth. Many issues from anesthia. Chest hurt and was bruised. My left eye was bruised and black. Could not open it. I was tired. But each day got better. Everyday I mentally stayed strong. I told myself get up, eat, and get better. The anti seziure medication made me goofy and drowsy. I had good and bad days. But I pushed on. Walked, and did my duties as a mother, and housewife. As I sit here and write this. My hair is growing back. They only shaved part, like a question mark down to my ear. I am being weaned off anti seziure medications. A precaution. I go in six months for a MRI. To check to make sure all stays good. This is my story. My road to recovery.