My hero

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January 2, 2016 - Dover, Ohio

My dad, Phillip Williams, had a stage 4 Gleoblastoma Brain Tumor. He endured different types of treatment including chemo and a nuerostimulator. He even participated in 4 clinical trials. The average person with this type of brain tumor survives 6-18 months. My daddy survived for a whopping 34 months. During this time he went on three vacations and coached my sports teams. He remained positive throughout the whole time. I never once heard him complain, in fact he seemed to be enjoying his life even more. He died when I was 11 on April 28th, 2010. I am now 14 and try to "spend my life being happy" which was his motto. Even though I didn't have very much time with him before God called him to Heaven, he is and will always be my hero.