My Tumor

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December 19, 2016 - Spokane, Washington

My tumor began with a large headache that went to my shoulders. They did a CT scan at the ER and also an MRI. We could tell something was up. When the MRI was completed I was left in the hall and no one was in the booth. I could see this LARGE white spot in the MRI. I started crying immediately. The provider came in within minutes to tell me I had a tumor and it was bending my spinal cord 90 degrees. I was admitted immediately. It took several days for someone to come help with this tumor. It was so bad we had to find a specialist we did not have in our city. A week later I was in surgery 2 11-hour surgeries, after an initial 6 hour one. They told me it was so large and so intertwined with nerves they had to pick at it for hours. I came out of it with double vision and neuropathy on the right side on my face. However, I now have the worst headaches ever! I didn't before but now I sometimes am missing work because of them.