My Dad Has Weeks to months to live

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October 10, 2015 - Temecula, California

Hi, My name is Ann King ( Warwick) My story is about my Dad David Warwick, that lives in Michigan.My Dad has been given only a couple of weeks to months live. I have started a GofundMe acct. for him. it is called Gilioblastoma : given weeks to live. As this is so hard , last Saturday on Sept. 26, 2015, I had to go back home. As he lives in MI, and I live in Ca.Saying goodbye to him I just could not do So, I just gave him kisses, and hugs and told him I will see you again.Four weeks ago my Dad David was fine. Then he fainted and said he was fine. Then the day he fainted he was sleeping to long, he was passed out.He had no knowledge he has a brain tumor. He brain tumor is called Giloblastoma. As everyday his memories are slipping by. He cannot be operated on because of his age. My dad is 68 years old.This is so hard. I pray everyday he has more time to live.