Momma whats an Astrocytoma

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October 20, 2015 - West fork, Arkansas

My mom was diagnosed with her brain tumor when I was 8. I didn't understand it all I knew was that my mommy was sick. I was in the third grade my little brother Lucas was in pre-k. My mom stopped working and she always had a bunch of seizures,her seizures scared me. The biggest one she had that I remember was Halloween of 2010. My grandpa had come to see us and my mom had dressed up to go out and everything. She stiffened and fell to the floor she started twitching and flopping and she grabbed my arm so tight it hurt. She didn't let go till the seizure was over. It scared me more then it hurt me though. She sat in the truck with my dad and drove around while me and my brother walked with our grandpa. She was sad normally she walked us around. In 2010 my mom had her first brain surgery to remove her Astrocytoma. She came home a week later it messed up her whole left side her leg still doesn't work properly. In 2012 she had to get it removed again. It didn't really make any new affects other than a new scar. Last February my mom had her last surgery the got all of the tumor. After that surgery she had to go through radiation. I honestly couldn't be any prouder of my mom for my 16th birthday I had a party for her because my mom was a fighter and I was proud. If I look up to anyone in this world it would be her and anyone else who will fight because they know they can defeat cancer of all kinds. It is just a matter of will power.