Mike's Cancer 2013

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January 29, 2016 - Orlando, Florida

My husband Mike was diagnosed with Terminal Grade 3 Anaplastic Astrocytoma on February 18 2013 at the age of 34. I am his wife Keri and biggest support besides our son Benjamin. When we first noticed signs we thought it was just an infection. So we set up our doctors appts as we needed referrals for specialist with the insurance. After having an MRI done to see what was going on from the ENT; he told us Mike had some type of tumor and we needed to see a neuro-surgeon. Made an appt with the neuor-surgeon on a Monday afternoon. In meeting with the doctor he gave us two options to tackle this: 1—watch it over the next 6months or 2—have a biopsy and start treatment if needed. Mike’s response was biopsy and the doctor says ok we will schedule for Friday, here I am like wait we don’t have that kind of money and shouldn’t we get a second opinion and talk about this. Nope he wanted answers especially since his mother passed away at age 35 from brain cancer: not sure if they are related in some way we will never know due to certain circumstances. We got through our only son’s 2nd birthday and a few days later was biopsy day. Mike was only supposed to stay for a few hours from what the doctor told both of us and ended up staying overnight. It was out first time away from our son over the two day period and couldn’t wait to get home to be with him. Of course instead of finding out the results within a few days we had to wait over two weeks as the doctor decided to not tell us he was going on vacation and would bring us in when he got back. That was the longest wait ever to find out the results. February 18 2013 we sat in the doctors off together scared, nervous, waiting for the doctor to come in and review the results. It was heart breaking to hear Cancer but we pulled through knowing we had a son at home needing both his parents. Our next step was to meet with a neuro-oncologist and we did a few days later. We received a highly recommended number 1 in Orlando, FL Dr Nick.Dr Nick said it was too risky to do surgery as how the tumor laid on his brain and with veins wrapped around the tumor. Our appt with him was also with the radiation doctor as well to put together a plan and treatment. My husband did 42 days of Chemo pills and 33 days of radiation. Mike worked a full 40 hours a week while doing treatment as it never let him down and also keeping positive people in our lives during that time; along with our son who was the biggest part to wanting to fight and never gave up. After all of those appts and checkups we have been on checkups every 6months over the last in half. The tumor has shrunk in half and couldn’t have had the best results every time. Our love and look on life has changed since Mike’s diagnoses and treatments. We live life to the fullest and enjoy every moment and keep every lasting memory a keep sake.