Miara and the journey with fred

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April 17, 2017 - bethel, Ohio

Hello my name is miara miles. I am currently 19. I was diagnosed with a brain tumor at around 7. It was benign and only caused a few issues in the beginning. It was inoperable for the longest time but now there's a new type of surgery out there for harder to reach brain tumors called laser ablation. I will be having it done May 10th,2017 at Cincinnati children's Medical Center. I have struggled a good part of my childhood with this and a few other things but I have always choose to make it into a positive situation. I have always wanted to give back to people who where going through what I am. I have started a facebook page called Miles of Love by Miara. It is where I send cards to kids going through tumors, cancer, cystic fibrosis,and eplipsey. This may have taken a good part of my childhood away but I am determined to.help others find the light and make it to a positive journey. Because of my journey with Fred (the name of my brain tumor) I have learned just how meaningful life truly is. I have learned just how grateful I should be. I have learned tommrow isn't promised so make the best of today. I hope one day to work in a career where I will be working with other children who have brain tumors. I want them to see there is light at the end of the tunnel. I encourage people to name there tumors as it makes you want to beat the tumor even more. I am almost brain tumor free I will never get back the time it took away from me but I will never forget what I have learned by having a brain tumor. If you can make a bad situation into a positive one you can do anything dear! Never forget your not alone on this journey.