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January 12, 2016 - Dublin, Georgia

My son Demetrius Jones was diagnosed at the age of 19 years old with Grade III Astrocytoma Brain Cancer. The doctors gave him 1 to 3 years to live, but he lived 6 years after he was diagnosed. He passed July 22, 2014 and I need to find a project to do each month in May in memory of him. His birthday also is in May, so this will be the perfect month. Last year our family created "Team Metree" t shirts and wrists bands and we also planted a tree on his birthday. I want to do a community project this year and needed an idea on what I could do. Demetrius was the youngest of 4 sons and was never sick as a child growing up. Always had a beautiful smile on his face. I miss him dearly but I will keep his memory alive in every way that I can. Thank you in advance for any ideas