Living Every Day with a Reason to Succeed

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December 2, 2016

At 17, Kevin joined the Army. The military gave him direction, discipline, and a reason to succeed every day. He experienced many tours of duty; however, the most important - and least expected - tour of duty was a personal one. Fighting a brain tumor.

In March of 2015, Kevin went to the hospital because he was having strange sensations on the right side of his body. MRI results showed an acoustic neuroma the size of a peach. A few days later he had the first of three surgeries.

He kept looking ahead and at the end of his recovery, he volunteered at a BT5K near him. He passed out water at the finish line and then joined CommYOUnity™, the ABTA’s nationwide volunteer network.

Like his experience in the Army, Kevin believes we are given a reason to succeed each day. Please join Kevin in his fight against brain tumors.