It's all in my head- How to survive a brain tumor and find peace of mind

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November 17, 2017 - Surbiton, Surrey, England, International

In early 2016 I started suffering with several months of feeling off balance and being un coordinated as well as increasing severity of headaches, and feeling ‘drunk when sober’ until it quickly got to the point I could barely move from my bed to the sofa and was too exhausted and unbalanced to even have a shower. After a private MRI in April 2016, I was told I had a benign 3cm Hemangioblastoma in my cerebellum and needed urgent brain surgery. I had a posterior fossa craniotomy less than a month later -in May 2016- at St George's Hospital in Tooting, London. I amazingly left hospital only 48 hours after surgery, and have recovered well since. Both before and shortly after surgery I decided I needed to write down my experiences, in the hope that explaining how I felt emotionally during various stages as well as the odd and worrying physical sensations, will support and help others who have been diagnosed with a brain tumour, or anyone needing brain surgery. As well as inform their friends and family how they may feel and what may help them too. I also hope that the total change in my belief system and realisations after will help anyone who is having to go through a health crisis or supporting a patient of any kind - that you can either look for the negative, or find the positive and the lessons in any situation. I now have a book 'It's all in my head' published on Amazon and at my website I can honestly say that 2016 was both the worst and best year of my life!