GBM4 Warrior

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November 28, 2016 - Garden Grove, California

11/20/16 6:13 am - My father passed away due to this horrible disease: GBM Stage 4 . I wish to God a cure to be found so no one has to suffer like this anymore. My dad was taken away from us so fast. Diagnosed in August 2016. Gone in November 2016. Soo not fair. He was someone that did everything the right way, worked hard for his family. God had a different plan. He was a strong man. He slowly deteriorated. I still remember those words over the phone by the neurosurgeon "biopsy is back, your father has a cancer; a very aggressive one and not curable, no surgery can be done to remove it and it's terminal". The world just changed from that moment on. My father loved gardening and that stopped. He slowly lost balance and his hands were not able to hold anything. He was hospitalized 3 times: all critical and in the ICU. First time his whole left side froze, he had developed a cyst in the brain which was drained. Second time his feet swelled up , dyuretics were given, salt intake was lowered with no help. Finally an ultrasound was done. He was back in ICU with a blood clot, another procedure was done. After that my dad continued with his chemotherapy and radiation; he lost all of his hair and started using a walker and wearing diapers. Through this time my dad didn't want to look sick and he tried very hard to do things on his own. He finished radiation and chemotherapy on 10/25/16 and we celebrated, we were so happy that he pulled through but that happiness changed. The next Tuesday we went for his MRI and as I was helping him off the truck he had a seizure. Paramedics immediately took him to the hospital. He was in septic shock and back in the ICU. After many days in the ICU and many tests, labs and dyalisis, his kidneys went into shock and stopped working and he was paralyzed from the waist down. He was sent home in hospice care. His body slowly went down. I remember him asking for an ice cream. He tried soo hard to hold it on his own but his hands would not react. I was just heartbroken watching him. I put the ice cream in his hand and helped him. On Sunday morning at 6:13 am, my father passed away surrounded by his family. My brother told him "father we'll be fine, don't worry about us or mom, if you see the light go ahead, we give you permission to go, we are not mad at you, you go father, rest". 10 minutes later, he took his last breath and went home to God. I love you father, until we meet again.💓💓