GBM & a Passion

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September 13, 2016 - Virginia Beach, Virginia

My mother was diagnosed with GBM in 2012, and passed in 2013, 3 months before I started my nursing program at Texas A&M University. My mother was just 51 when this disease took her from our hands, but at that moment I never knew how much positivity a horrible event would play out in my future. Today I am an Oncology Nurse working with patients and families just like my mother, I know what the families are going through (since it was not too long ago I was going through the same thing) and I can feel what they feel. It has helped me in my job, as a Nurse, to know what to say or just give a simple hug because you know that is what is needed. I would eventually like to get into research for GBM, but right now I know where I am needed. I love my job and my patients even more.