Essence of Us

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March 17, 2017 - Aurora, Colorado

My husband Steve died from a Glioblastoma on 1/27/16. He and I struggled for 10 months with this cancer in our life. In an effort to deal with the struggle I wrote poetry. Here is one poem I wrote: Essence of US (In memory of Steve Gaare) By Sharon Gaare Who invited cancer into our house? I didn’t! He didn’t! It entered not by knocking, not by ringing the doorbell, and certainly not with our smiles. It entered with a strong blast of wind and the door slammed shut! It is an unwelcome guest who came to stay. We had no option but to submit to the struggling: Depression, Memories lost Words out of reach Childlike fears Real fears Losing identity And; A monsoon of tears This guest came with a name I never wanted to know, yet I do. Glioblastoma Multiforme. Ever heard of it? Me neither. It changed US in our OWN home. Knowing its name made life tiring, unmanageable and complicated. It took us into a vortex of uncertainty, anxiety, and wishful thinking. In time, this uninvited guest left our home and took away my precious US. But while it remained, OUR house filled up with love and gentle understanding in spite of it. And; In the end, this guest could not take away the essence of “US”.