Don't ignore Headaches!

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April 12, 2017 - Edenton, North Carolina

I am a 57 year old male , very health and active daily a commercial fishermen .. I had headaches no many years but they became daily and more intense , then I started freezing up as I would try to say anything , my memory was terrible I had a full physical in February and was told I was health and no medical issues , but then a family member saw my hands terrible and she set up a appointment with another doctor to try and get a referral to a neurologist .. And because my new doctor went ahead and ordered a MRI and as soon as the hospital saw the images , I was loaded on ambulance and transported out of State to another hospital where a neurosurgeon talked to me and explained I had a very large 6.3 tumor on my frontal lobe and it is very aggressive and if I did not have it removed I would die in weeks , but I could also die in surgery because this tumor had a very large amount of blood in it and I would most likely need a blood transfusion. The surgery took over 8 hours but the surgeon was sure he had removed it all . It was 4 days before I knew anything , and 5 weeks before I could talk because I had a paralyzed vocal cord . But 8 weeks later I thought I was healing very well when a large knot came up on the incision and opened up my incision and was full of gello looking stuff , I headed back out of State to met with my surgeon at the emergency room where blood work showed I had a really bad infection , my surgeon took me back to the operating room to clean out the area and removed the titanium plates and screws because they where covered in the infection after 5 days in the hospital because of staph infection I returned home and after 5 days I was having a discharge from the incision so again my surgeon met me back at the emergency room where it was discovered i was leaking spinal fluid so my surgeon wanted me to keep the wound wrapped until my follow up appointment two weeks later where still I was leaking spinal fluid so they took me back to surgery to remove another plate on my bone flap and try to close up the wound again with more stiches and if this does not hold I will need another surgery where they will insert a tube to drain the fluid and have a plastic surgeon close it back up for a much tighter incision ... I knew for a long time there was something wrong with me but I didn't want to know "what" it was , i just tried to push everyone out of my life and just die alone ..but I'm so thankful my girlfriend of 16 years did not give up on me and she fought hard to learn what was going on and get me help ... It has been a hard 4 months but I know I am so blessed to have a much better life now .. And I have a lot to fight for..