Constant seizures and one arachnoid cyst and then a posterior fossa cyst.

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August 27, 2017 - Junction city, Ohio

I had two of the worst seizures ever on June 18th 2015. I started to speak jibberish on and off without realizing and I was sent to a neurologist. This doctor lied over ten times and told me I would get an EEG that week that Friday. I finally saw the date was not for three more weeks. On the day of my appointment five minutes before leaving for his office they called saying the doctor's wife was having a baby and he would be out for three weeks. I was so mad I went to seek other help. The next doctor I saw I explained drastic weight loss, migraines, constant seizures and confusion. The doctor's had me committed against my will instead of treating my medical concerns. It was almost a year that I finally had an MRI and it showed an left paramedian arachnoid cyst. I then had EEG. Testing that showed three different types of seizures hitting my left temporal loobe at once. I finally saw a neurosurgeon who sent me for a follow up MRI in six months. My cyst had quadrupled and I was suffering severly from permanent neurological damage. The next follow up MRI showed more growth in six months and a large posterior fossa cyst as well. It has been another miserable six months and I go for another MRI in the morning, I wonder how many more cysts I have to have before some doctor finally helps me?