Cancer has taught more about myself then I could ever imagine

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January 23, 2018 - Long Beach, California

On June 8th, 2011 it was a beautiful summer day in Marquette Michigan the temp was nice 85 it was a little hot for June in Marquette but it started as an interesting morning my friend LeAnne needed help moving her possessions from her grandparents place to a motel long story but anyway this isn’t about her story so of course all my friends know I’m the go to guy for help moving at the time I was 6”2 and weighed 210 so obviously all the big stuff I apparently handle anyway everything is going well we get to her grandparent’s house thank goodness that she had everything packed and ready to go so we get everything in her ride and I jump in the drivers seat and we were on our way it takes about a 1/2 hr to get from the grandparents to the hotel we were maybe half way to the hotel I noticed I started feeling almost flu like symptoms it felt like I was burning up and freezing at the same time I thought WTF is going on then I started getting a migraine like I’ve never had before and almost sick to my stomach well with all this going on I have safely got us to the hotel and got everything she needed to her room then I told her what was going on with me she was concerned and could tell I definitely wasn’t my normal self so she told me to lay down and turn the air on and just try to take it easy so that’s exactly what I tried to do but the longer I layer there the worse the pounding in my head got so I didn’t even have to give a second thought I need you to take me to the ER something’s not right about this my head was getting so bad to the point I couldn’t handle light or even the noise from the traffic so she drove like a bat out of hell to the ER and I told just drop me off but make sure you tell my sis Rachelle what’s going on so she did this story gets straight up crazy from this point on or maybe I should say I got crazy the initial ER check in went fine to them what was going on and how bad my head was pounding so they got me back right away to the icu which was good they even turned the lights off for me closed the curtain and just started running all sorts of test ekg blood work blood pressure heartbeat temperature which was weird because even though I had told them I was having flu like symptoms my temp was fine then the nurse was worried about the migraine she could tell it was hurting me something awful I will admit I was tearing up so she asked me if I have ever have taken dilloden before I told her know and she told me it’s the liquid version which they already put a portal in she told me that it should knock the pain level down substantially so that was the first shot and she said she would be back in about 20 minutes to check on me 20 minutes went by and the pain did not get any better so she asked me if it got better I told her no and still pounding so shot number 2 still pounding shot 3 still in a ton of pain well the next idea I knew wasn’t going to go well and I was right MRI and the first question I asked her is or more or less told her that I don’t think that’s a good idea considering ya know the whole migraine issue but that was the only test they hadn’t ran so far and kind of not the last option but they felt it was the one that should finally produce an answer so I had to change into a gown and they were worried about my balance so they wheeled me down to the MRI machine and left these 2 poor little are RNS in charge well to say the least they never knew what crazy was until they got to meet an angry drugged up version of me I tried warning them just before I layed down that this was not a good idea I remembered from when I was a teenager I had to have an MRI done and what it sounded like and all the vibration but what do I know I’m just another over paranoid patient to them trying to talk them out of doing their job I even chuckled to myself when they gave me those ear plugs I was thinking oh yeah those will help BS they will so I lay down and away we go as soon as I get in that clastrophobic nightmare I start complaining over the speaker I can’t do this my head is getting worse get me out of this I’ll say thing but that’s not what I truly called it if you fornicate with your buddy’s mom you’re a there ya go well they kept telling we can take a break and calm down but we absolutely need to finish the test but that I needed to stay in there well right there I made the decision that I was getting the F out of there regardless of what they were telling me so I pulled myself out stood up on the machine and jumped off and landed on the concrete with mind you only those wonderful hospital socks on and then for some great thought I had why not toss the gown and run away with just my hospital socks and boxers on so here I am running full boar down the hallway in just socks and boxers looking for the nearest exit which in the end I never found to have my own version of Alcatraz the greatest escape ever yeah that didn’t happen in the end I apparently clotheslined a security guard assaulted a few cops after all that they were able to handcuff me to the bed shot me with Haldol and that didn’t work so they gassed me and once I was under they put me in a medically induced coma which after a couple of days and they got their MRI I did another crazy thing like ripped out a tube that was running from my artery to my heat so they put me under again and I woke up again 2 days later I was so angry and felt at that time they were the enemy which now I understand I truly was a danger to myself and others and they never were trying to hurt me but were trying to help me well because I was still angry I checked myself out of ICU and of course against the Dr’s wishes and later came to find out the results were in from the MRI there was definitely a lesion found after finding that out had a CT down and next I had an appointment with a Neurosurgeon which then I was privileged enough to see the upside down picture of the tumor located in the left temporal lobe of my brain 3 weeks after that which in the MRI images it was only 2 centimeters big but 3 weeks later during surgery they discovered it had already had grown to 8 centimeters after they removed the tumor they sent a sample downstate to the Henry Ford lab in Detroit and a couple months later I got the results in the mail that I was diagnosed with Anaplastic Oligoastrocytoma Grade 3 which of course I didn’t have a clue what that meant so I googled it I knew it couldn’t of been good just hearing cancer it self I knew wasn’t good but brain cancer and chemo and radiation and prognosis I knew that it meant an old sane don’t bother buying any green bananas but that was 6 yrs and 7 months to the day that’s my story.