9 year survivor

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February 2, 2014 - Everett, Washington

In 2005 I started having hearing problems and horrible headaches so I went to see an audiologist. She found I had a 60% hearing loss but after running tests, could find no reason so she ordered an MRI, consulted with some people she called me the next day and gently told me the MRI showed a malignant tumor on my brain. I was not very shocked to hear this as cancer runs through both sides of my family. She set me up with an oncologist who explained the MRI to me and told me I had two types; Anaplastic oligodendroglioma stage 3 and Higrade astrocytoma, we discussed where the tumors were, very close to where the two sides of the brain meet then we discussed treatment plans and after getting a second opinion. I decided on laser treatment followed up by chemo and radiation. The surgery removed 90% of the tumor my family drove 180 miles round trip to be with me and my friends visited every day while I was in hospital, I can never thank them enough. I followed up surgery with radiation, chemo,(here I got lucky as my oncologist had me take the pill Temodar along with nausea pills so I could do my treatments at home and did not get as sick, the chemo was spread out over 5 days), MRI's and regulsr visits trips to my oncologist. In 2005 the MRI showed no tumors! And I am still cancer free, many fine people helped me through this and you can beat it too!