9 months

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July 20, 2017 - Sandpoint, Idaho

Why 9 months ..... because that is what Dr's told me I had left to live in November of 2008 and that was with aggressive treatment. In October of 2008 I had a massive seizure on top of a mountain opening day of hunting season oct. 10th. For the entire summer prior I had been complaining of sensitivity to light and sound and massive headaches. Well turns out I had a massive brain tumor located on my speech portion in my brain. I spent a few day in ICU and when I met the neurologist in charge of my care she said this tumor had to come out and I needed speech maping surgery if I wanted to be able to speak ..... she also said I am not comfortable doing this surgery and I am going to refer you to a colleague of mine in Seattle at Swedish cherry hill by the name of Dr Gregory foltz (he has since passed himself of cancer). Dr foltz was a brilliant skilled surgeon and he is whom I owe a portion of why I am still here today to. At the time of surgery we didn't know what type of tumor we were dealing with and even after surgery the pathologist couldn't pin point it and 4 more weeks and 3 pathology hospitals later it landed at John Hopkins where they were able to determine that my tumor was a glioblastoma multiform grade 4 aggressive.... that's why I titled this 9 months because that is what I was given to live even with aggressive treatment 31 radiation treatments as well as chemo.... I was in the fight of my life I had made it through all the radiation treatments but about 60 days and many platelet transfusions later chemo shut my body down I had no white blood cells left and no imunitty so my wife quarantined me at home for weeks and gave me white blood cell inhibitor injections to bring my count back up .... while my body did bounce back my Dr's said I was done the chemo was not working with my body and now the wait began the monthly scans waiting for the shoe to drop.... waiting for the phone call .... waiting for my 9 months to be up.... I lived a lot in those 9 months .... I had young children I soaked up everything they did and I said goodbye.... but when the clock hit 9 months nothing happened .... i dont know why but when i was told i had 9 months it stuck and I prepared for 9 months and not a day more ..... I was so focused on that number ...9... and that's all it turned out to be was a number because 1 year passed and then 2 then 5 then 7 and this October will be year 9 of clear brain scans and while I do have some cognitive damage from the radiation and the surgery .... those are minor side affects compared to what I thought for sure would happen in my 9 months.... i have remained cancer free on my brain but in July of 2016 I was diagnosed with stage 2 pancreatic cancer underwent a whipple procedure and 6 months of chemo and opted out of radiation I just had my 2nd scan of my neck to groin and it came back clean. Every day for me has been a treasure I have had good and bad days but I have been able to see my kids grow and graduate high school and go on to be young adults and God willing I will be able to see them marry and have children..... I was thankful for my 9 months but am even more thankful for my last 9 years .... additional info I was 45 when I was diagnosed with brain cancer and I am now 54.