27 Tumors She Was Only 32

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October 1, 2015 - Midvale, Utah

Here's part of the story I can write a book no joke if I go into too many details. So this is about my mom. She always had headaches , went to the Dr. and send home with meds. One day she went to work she was too ill to work and got send home. She went home and never returned to work. She was in bed for a week her pain increased but she refused to go to the hospital. I took her in anyways, she was upset and said she wouldn't make it out alive. She was right! That night the Dr. was going to send her home with meds. as usual but I said she couldn't move her neck. They for whatever reason listened and did a CAT scan, the results were shocking 27 tumors in her brain. I was told @ age 13 she would die. Of course I broke down and I couldn't tell her. I called my dad at work he came and I was on my knees in the ER waiting room crying praying for her to be okay. Three months later she passed away. I have similar headaches at age 27 but am afraid of the results.